RTHK feels heat as hostturns air red

Local | Amy Nip 20 Mar 2020

The Communications Authority has "strongly advised" Radio Television Hong Kong to follow radio program codes closely after a host uttered a foul expression twice.

The broadcasting watchdog received a complaint concerning Cheung Chun-ho, nicknamed "Ah Yat," a host on RTHK Radio 2's C Hing Temple, a late-night show running from 12.05am to 2am.

It was understood he used a similar-sounding vulgar word when saying the name of the program's subsection twice on July 9.

"There was no sign indicating that the host concerned realized the gaffe before other hosts appeared to be trying to remind him. In response, the host made an apology but did not specify what he was apologizing for," the authority stated yesterday.

"The foul expression in question was clearly audible and was used more than once during the program. The expression was blatantly an offensive one, which was unacceptable for broadcast at all times," it added.

The complaint was justified, the watchdog found, and decided RTHK should be "strongly advised to observe more closely" the radio program codes.

Before the decision, RTHK had previously already disciplined Cheung, suspending him from the program until July 20 and stopping the subsection.

Ng Man-yee, head of RTHK's corporate communications and standards, said although it was a slip of tongue, swearing on air went beyond the public broadcaster's bottom line and Cheung must be punished.

Cheung apologized on social media, shouting: "I won't do it again" "I won't do it again." He was apologizing while doing frog jumps with a water dispenser on his back.

Also yesterday, the authority said Hong Kong Broadband Network had two network outages on June 8 lasting about 4 hours and 39 minutes. But having considered the company's explanations, it concluded that the network provider did not breach conditions under its unified carrier license.

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