Another held over flung pets

Local | Charlotte Luo 20 Feb 2020

Charlotte Luo

A second suspect was arrested by police over the throwing of 28 animals from a height, resulting in 15 of them dying.

The 36-year-old man was still being detained last night for animal cruelty. His arrest came one day after a 48-year-old teacher surrendered to the police.

Police found 28 animals at a hillside and in a back alley at Hong Kong Garden in Sham Tseng on Friday.

Fifteen of the animals, including nine chinchillas, a guinea pig, a cat, two rabbits, a parrot, had died, while others survived but suffered broken bones from the fall.

It is understood that the two men shared a flat at Hong Kong Garden, where the animals were suspected to have been thrown out of a window. No animal was found in the three-bedroom flat but there were pet cages and feeding appliances.

In a separate case, police are investigating a report made by an animal group, saying a couple was suspected of animal abuse after a cat died and another was injured.

On a post by Hong Kong Saving Cat and Dog Association, it said a young couple adopted two cats saved by the association. However, the couple returned one of the cats on February 6, saying it did not get along with other cats at home.

The association found the health condition of the cat was not good - it was thin, losing hair on its tail, had a swollen face and had injury marks on the body. The couple insisted that it was injured after being chased and beaten by other cats at home.

But the couple did not say they had other cats when making the adoption, the post reads.

A week later, the couple said the other cat, Santa, died after it was accidentally squashed between a mattress and the lower part of the bed.

While retrieving the body of Santa, the association saw three other cats at the couple's home, all staying in small cages. Suspecting the death of Santa was suspicious, the association informed the police.

An animal volunteer saw the post and revealed that the same couple had adopted three cats from the organization he was working for. One of the cats died after its tail broke. Another had broken teeth and wounds.

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