Campus clashes see universities adapt

Local | Stella Wong 22 Nov 2019

Stella Wong

Universities are switching to alternative ways of grading students after being forced to cancel on-campus exams amid the current unrest.

The University of Hong Kong said students may choose not to include this semester's grades, while Baptist University is arranging alternative assessments and postponing exams.

HKU sent an e-mail this week asking all students to complete and submit a form to their faculty office by December 6 to indicate one of three options for their course arrangement.

Students have the option to continue with letter grading for the course, contributing to their Grade Point Average, or opting for a pass/fail grading, which won't affect their GPA. Students also have the option to drop the course.

Ian Holliday, HKU's vice-president wrote in the e-mail that the school's core principle for all course assessment is "fairness to each and every member of the class, whether in Hong Kong or outside."

Those who do not submit a completed form by the deadline will have unchanged course assessment arrangements for all courses taken in the first semester.

Teachers will also inform students of the changes by November 29, with full-year courses remaining unchanged with final examinations to be held in May next year.

At HKBU, next month's on-campus exams will be replaced with alternative methods like online examinations and additional assignments, with some postponed to January 7 to 11.

"Please try not to schedule other activities during the above-mentioned examination period as far as possible," HKBU wrote.

Chinese University earlier announced its centralized course examinations for this term, scheduled on December 4 to 20, has been canceled.

A spokesman yesterday said that students will be informed by individual faculties, programs, or coordinators on which grading methods and alternative forms of assessment and learning apply to them.

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