Chewed-off ear gone for good

Local | Angel Kwan 14 Nov 2019

District councilor Andrew Chiu Ka-yin had his re-attached ear removed earlier this week because it had necrosed.

"Regretfully, after one week of treatment, doctors have reached a diagnosis that the cartilage cannot supply nutrient and has necrosed. The auricle needs to be removed," Chiu wrote in an online statement yesterday.

Photos show that on November 6, two days after the surgery, a large portion of the re-attached part was in light skin color, with about a quarter in a darker tone.

But a photo from November 10 shows that more than half of the re-attached part had blackened.

The Democratic Party district councilor for the Eastern District Council had his left ear bitten off by a man during a clash in Taikoo Shing on November 3.

Surgeons from the department of otorhinolaryngology at the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital conducted a 3-hour surgery and they could only find one blood vessel for reattachment.

Chiu said according to his attending doctor, about three-quarters of his auricle was bitten and tore off, causing severe damage to its cartilage tissues.

The situation of the ear worsened days after that, as Chiu said the doctors decided that debridement must be done to remove the necrosed ear, in order to prevent a possible infection caused by the attacker's saliva.

"I again condemn the violent act by the pro-government individual that tried to kill and hurt citizens," Chiu wrote, "as a district councilor elected by the people, I was just trying to prevent more citizens from getting injured."

But he said he would not comment on the background of the attacker nor the case.

Chiu said many others are also injured or have even died in the social movement, saying that his wound "is too trivial" compared to them. He urged Hongkongers to keep their attention on the other injured and dead instead.

With the district council elections coming up in less than two weeks, Chiu says although he wishes to meet with residents and supporters, he still needs to stay in the hospital for treatment.

Hundreds gathered at the mall in Taikoo Shing in the afternoon of November 3 to protest against the police's use of force. A stabbing incident followed where a man in gray suddenly stabbed at least three people after an argument. Chiu's left ear was bitten off by the man when he tried to stop him from continuing the attack.

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