Facelift planned for 170 public playgrounds

Local | Charlotte Luo 21 Oct 2019

The government will redesign 170 public playgrounds to meet the needs of residents in different districts, according to Secretary for Home Affairs Lau Kong-wah.

The playgrounds will be redesigned in the next five years, according to Policy Address.

Speaking on a radio program, Lau said the redesigning will learn from the experience of the children's playground at Tuen Mun Park, which will take into account the opinions of residents.

He said if the plan works out and the public playground becomes popular, the government will consider extending it to other playgrounds slated to be redesigned over the next five years as stated in the Policy Address.

On the issue of performers making loud noises in Tuen Mun Park, Lau said the bureau has already decided to amend the regulations.

Meanwhile, Secretary for Labour and Welfare Law Chi-kwong said new measures supporting the rehabilitation of the disabled will be announced once they are ready.

In 2017, the government commissioned the Rehabilitation Advisory Committee to develop a new Hong Kong Rehabilitation Plan.

So far, the committee has completed the first two stages of public participation activities and the formulation of the program is expected to be completed by early next year, Law said.

He said the government and the committee have reached a consensus after hearing the views of people with disabilities and carers as well as other stakeholders through public participation activities. They will not wait for the completion of a new plan, but will roll out measures once they are ready as long as they are "non-controversial, administratively feasible and financially sustainable."

Some measures have been announced in the Policy Address Supplement, Law said.

One of them is to provide additional resources for 17 social and recreational centers for the disabled to enhance their function in providing community support, particularly for carers.

The measures also include setting up two new rehabilitation service centers through the Lotteries Fund to implement a two-year pilot project for long-term community care services by integrating the services of day care centers and home care services in a flexible manner to provide services to people with severe disabilities who have intensive care needs and live at home.

The supplement also mentions launching a scheme to encourage disabled people to undergo and complete on-the-job training under the employment programs of the Labor Department through a retention allowance.

Law said the Rehabilitation Advisory Committee is about to complete the report of the second phase of public participation activities and plans to conduct the third phase of public participation activities next month.

"I look forward to your active participation, your opinions, and working together to build a society that is inclusive and healthy, so that people with disabilities can fully realize their potential, develop their strengths and contribute to society," he wrote in his blog.


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