Lennon wall slashsuspect detained

Local | Angel Kwan 21 Oct 2019

A young mainland visitor remains in police custody after he turned himself in for allegedly slashing open the abdomen of a 19-year-old youth, whose condition was listed as serious after surgery.

The teenager, surnamed Hung, was also knifed on the neck and admitted to Prince of Wales Hospital intensive care unit on Saturday.

The 22-year-old mainlander surrendered himself to police, claiming he had attacked a Hong Kong youth with knife over a political argument near a Lennon wall in Tai Po.

A police spokesman said that at around 5.30pm on Saturday, Hung was attacked by a man with a knife inside the subway near Exit A of Tai Po Market MTR Station. He was sent to the Prince of Wales Hospital for treatment.

Hung was distributing leaflets about yesterday's protest with friends near the Lennon Wall in Tai Po.

A man in black came and tore off posters on the Lennon Wall. Hung and others tried to stop him and they got in an argument.

Tai Po community organizer Wong Siu-kin said in a Facebook post that the man slashed Hung in the neck with a knife after arguing with him about political views.

Wong said the victim then ran for his life towards Tai Po MTR station for his life and the attacker chased after him, and stabbed him in his abdomen.

Hung was seriously injured, with his intestines protruding from his abdomen. Passers-by then called the police.

But the attacker did not leave immediately, and continued to argue with other passers-by, shouting "Hong Kong is China's Hong Kong!"

He tried to stop a private car and demanded the driver take him to a police station, but was turned down. He tried to flee from the scene by jumping into a taxi, but was stopped by protesters.

He later surrendered to Tai Po police station.

Reports said the 22-year-old suspect came to Hong Kong on Friday with a two-way permit.

Police said the case was classified as wounding, and is being investigated by District Investigation Team of Tai Po District.

"Regardless of the motives or background, we will take every case seriously and carry out investigation actively," said the police on their Facebook page on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, another 36-year-old mainland visitor was arrested Saturday for waving a knife at a group of protesters outside Prince Edward MTR station.


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