Police say kick was at 'yellow object'

Local | Stella Wong and Cindy Wan 24 Sep 2019

Police rejected allegations an officer kicked an arrested member of the Protect Our Kids Campaign, saying all that could be determined from video footage was that a "yellow object" was a target during protest action on Saturday.

A video that went viral on the internet shows an officer appearing to be kicking a man in a back alley in Yuen Long.

But Vasco Williams, an acting senior superintendent of operations, said the video is unclear.

"We don't know what that yellow object is, but there are other videos that are more clear that show the entire incident and there is no malpractice by the police."

A reporter then said the yellow object was "obviously a man."

Williams then said he had been interrupted, and "when I said it was an object my next phrase was going to be 'the video is very out of focus. It could have been an object, a person, a bag or a vest.'"

Senior superintendent Kong Wing-cheung said it was "very serious and untrue" that police beat a man unconscious.

He said police had stopped two people in Fung Yau Street North. But as protesters were charging officers took them to a back alley for questioning.

Then in another charge by protesters a 48-year-old man was arrested for assaulting police and also taken to the alley.

The two held earlier were released while the man under arrest claimed to be unwell and was sent to a hospital.

Chan Hoi-hing, pastor of Good Neighbor North District Church, which started the Protect Our Kids Campaign, slammed the police for "dehumanizing" a member who had also needed treatment at Pok Oi Hospital.

"He is a person, not just an object," he said.

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