Lawmaker casts doubt on 'miscount' of casualties

Local | Stella Wong 12 Sep 2019

The rumor of deaths as police chased protesters inside carriages at Prince Edward MTR station on August 31 continues to swirl, with a lawmaker casting doubts on how the number of casualties was miscounted.

This comes a day after the MTR Corp released screenshots of security footage inside the station for the first time, in a bid to quash rumors that three people died during the clash with police.

At the same press briefing with MTRC, the police and Hospital Authority, the Fire Services Department said it had counted 10 injured before revising the number down to seven due to the chaos.

But pan-democrat lawmaker Claudia Mo Man-ching said yesterday she obtained full written transcripts between the paramedics on site and the Fire Services Department's control center, adding they showed it was "unreasonable" for the department to miscount the casualties.

Mo said paramedics conducted detailed checks to classify the category of injuries and put up boards on casualties indicating their injuries.

Mo urged the department to explain the whole incident clearly.

The transcript shows a probationary ambulance officer and fire station commander counted the casualties on the platform. "The numbers we are talking about are just single digit numbers, like seven and 10. There is no reason for paramedics to mix them up," Mo said.

She also questioned why a senior police superintendent ordered the injured conveyed to Lai Chi Kok station by train instead of to the closest hospital.

"You would think that in a compact city like Hong Kong, trying to cover up a death would sound almost impossible. But now in Hong Kong, anyone with any label of public authority has completely lost all confidence of Hong Kong people," Mo said.

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