University probes no-bras video claim

Local | Sophie Hui 23 Aug 2019

The University of Hong Kong is investigating allegations that a male student harassed female students and coerced them into filming a video with their bras off in a student hall.

A female sophomore told the media that the male student forced girls to drink alcohol during an event at Wei Lun Hall last year.

He was allegedly to have gotten too close to girls, with the female student saying she too was touched on her thighs, shoulders and hands.

Students on each floor of the hall organize different activities or filmed videos every year.

A senior student requested that female residents shoot a video with their bras off, look back at the camera while smiling and cover their breasts with their hands, the female student recalled.

Although there were no other male students present while the video was filmed, she said she still felt embarrassed. She was also upset that the video has been shown to other students in the hall.

The female student said a freshman rejected the senior student's request and was told that she would not get any points on "contribution to the hall," meaning she may not be able to live there the following year.

A university spokesman confirmed that a complaint related to student activities at Wei Lun Hall has been received and added it will not tolerate any acts of bullying.

"The university is following up on the matter in accordance with stipulated procedures for the handling of complaints," he said. "After a preliminary fact-finding process, we will, if necessary in the light of the findings in the process, consider taking necessary follow-up action and initiate disciplinary procedures."

The spokesman said it will only let the complainant know about the results of the findings, and it is the university's practice not to disclose the findings to the public due to privacy concerns.

"Since the investigation is ongoing, the university urges all parties to refrain from speculation in order to avoid being unfair to any party," he said.

"At the same time, we also urge all parties to respect and protect personal information and not to make personal attacks, especially when the facts are still being uncovered. The university will not tolerate acts of bullying, and will make efforts to protect all those affected by bullying and cyber bullying."

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