Pro-Beijing group lists its demands

Local | Phoenix Un 9 Aug 2019

A pro-government group has called on the government to relaunch the fugitive bill and Article 23 security bill, both of which have attracted a million people to protest.

About 100 people from The Pro-Beijing Politihk Social Strategic rallied outside the police headquarters in Wan Chai to submit a list of "11 demands by 90,000 citizens."

This was despite ongoing civil disobedience actions over the now-suspended extradition bill that could send suspects from Hong Kong to China to face trial.

The surprising demand came after Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office chief Zhang Xiaoming on Wednesday called on the pro-establishment camp to stand in front of struggles against the protests.

The Pro-Beijing group also urged the government to enact a law banning protesters from wearing masks.

Its chairman Tang Tak-shing said their submission refers to the "90,000 citizens" who joined the assembly to support police on August 3, on top of the 165,000 citizens who turned up earlier on June 30.

"We have a mandate from 165,000 and 90,000 citizens, and came up with the 11 demands from them," Tang said.

In another assembly yesterday at the Star Ferry Pier's five flag poles, about 30 people called for citizens to respect the national flag and emblem.

Meanwhile, Elsie Leung Oi-sie, former deputy director of the Basic Law Committee said yesterday the protesters' target is no longer the fugitive bill, instead they want to paralyze Hong Kong and create "a state of anarchy."

In an interview with the state-owned Xinhua News Agency, the city's former secretary for justice said law breakers should be held liable and not be pardoned or Hong Kong would be in chaos.

National People's Congress Standing Committee member Tam Yiu-chung said sympathy for violent protesters would only foment more violence.

"Nobody said the independent inquiry could never be established," he said.

Executive Council members Ip Kwok-him and Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee said a "commander" was behind the anti-fugitive bill protesters. "They played very smartly, which is not what youngsters can do, and their propaganda work is done very well," Ip Kwok-him said in a radio program.

Regina Ip echoed her colleague in the same radio show of an "invisible and calculating big boss" behind the protesters.

She said this "boss" could hold a civilian press conference after the government one, and make use of social media Telegram, online forum "Lihkg" and the iPhone function AirDrop to organize protests.

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