Call for probe into Junius Ho's role in attacks

Local | Phoenix Un 25 Jul 2019

Lingnan University has urged the education chief to investigate council member Junius Ho Kwan-yiu for his role in the triad-linked Yuen Long attacks.

Ho meanwhile made an apparent death threat against pan-democrat legislator Eddie Chu Hoi-dick yesterday after his parents' graves were desecrated on Tuesday.

Ho, a legislator for the New Territories West, sparked outrage after he was seen shaking hands with white-shirted men who assaulted Yuen Long residents and black-clad protesters on Sunday night.

Ho, who is also a lawyer, claimed he was only passing by the area.

Lingnan University on Tuesday issued a statement that Ho's remarks on anti-fugitive bill protests had nothing to do with the school.

Chairman of the university's council and chairman of MTRC, Rex Auyeung Pak-kuen, said yesterday he wrote to the Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung Yun-hung to investigate Ho's possible role in the attack.

The Education Bureau appoints the university's council members.

An Education Bureau spokeswoman said it has received a letter from Auyeung for the government to probe Ho.

Ho meanwhile continued his verbal assault on Chu warning him: "There are two paths in front of you: one is survival while the other is non-survival, you should make the choice as soon as possible."

Ho made the threat on a Facebook livestream yesterday, claiming a supporter of Chu's had vandalized his parents' graves.

Chu denied this, saying: "Ho's threatening speech will just aggravate the situation, and I demand he withdraw the statement immediately, so as not to incite any more violence."

He does not plan to report the death threat to the police.

Meanwhile, a group of mainland web users has called off its online crusade against Lihkg forum to support Ho after their personal details were released.

The group "Diba", which means "emperor's forum" in Chinese, is famous for gathering mainland web users to "flood" online forums with comments supporting the country.

They first launched attacks on Monday to flood the Facebook page of Civil Human Rights Front, and vowed that their next target would be the Hong Kong forum Lihkg.

Forum supporters hit back by posting online the personal details of Diba members including their full names, ID numbers, addresses, mobile numbers, bank account numbers and amount in savings.

A Diba member posted in a mainland forum that his ugly photos and very low scores in public exams were publicized, and he was made to appear he was with the People's Liberation Army and as a Muslim.

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