Scroll masterpiece comes of age

Local | Jane Cheung 12 Jun 2019

An animated scroll of Along the River During the Qingming Festival will return to Hong Kong for the second time in a decade with an immersive feature.

The scroll will be featured at a charitable exhibition between July 26 and August 25 at the AsiaWorld-Expo.

"By integrating art, culture and technology, the exhibition decodes the renowned Chinese painting in an unprecedented way that will promise to enlighten visitors through a fun and immersive experience," said Phoenix Television, a co-organizer of the exhibition.

The theme is "A Day in An Open City," which is manifested through seven aspects: Open City, The Heyday Scroll, The Bian River Harbour, Song Dynasty Park, Open Zone, a reading area and a souvenir shop.

"The whole theme provides a digital translation of the original scroll painting, a visual communication of the historical background, and a three-dimensional presentation of the painting details, which immerses the visitors into the experiential landscape along a spatial narrative as represented in the timeless masterpiece," the broadcaster said.

Tickets are going at HK$10 each at Cityline today. Those under three get free admission.

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