Enough is enough: reduce waste

Local | Sophie Hui 14 May 2019

About 60 celebrities will join the city's largest education campaign to discourage the use of disposable plastic.

The campaign - "Enough Plastic" - will kick off today and is co-organized by two organizations, green group EcoDrive and New Youth Energy HK, whose vice-president is Real Ting, the public relations executive and husband of singer Miriam Yeung Chin-wah.

It seeks to discourage people from using single use plastics, such as plastic bottles, tableware, takeout boxes and bags, by changing their habits.

A "No Single Use Plastic Awareness Day" will also take place in the city for the first time on May 30.

Every day, 2,000 tonnes of plastic products are used in Hong Kong, which can fill 100 shipping containers.

Out of that, only 5.8 percent is recycled, while the rest are sent to landfills.

The 60 celebrities that will take part in the campaign include Yeung, Aaron Kwok Fu-shing, Donnie Yen Ji-dan, Julian Cheung Chi-lam and Carina Lau Kar-ling.

Acclaimed photographer Wing Shya also took photos of the celebrities, and a photography exhibition will be held at Hysan Place in Causeway Bay from May 30 to June 2.

The campaign organizers hope the public will receive a strong message from celebrities on how to reduce plastic waste.

Videos, posters and tent cards will be displayed throughout the city, including in restaurants, malls, schools, and on outdoor billboards and buses.

Tansy Lau-Tom, co-founder of EcoDrive, said the campaign is not calling on people to stop using plastic products completely, but to reduce plastic waste.

"We want to let people know that there are many different types of disposable plastics around us, not only plastic straws or tableware. It also includes bubble wrap and dental picks," she said.

"People can choose to reduce one or two types of plastic, and there are many types of plastic they can choose to reduce in the long run. They can choose one which works for their lifestyle, and it will be a good start."

She also urged people to think about the five R's to protect the environment - to rethink whether it is necessary to depend on plastic; to refuse the use of single use plastic; using other things to replace disposable plastic; to reuse plastic; and to recycle it.

"We hope people will form habits to reduce the use of plastic these three weeks, and to cultivate habits even after 'No Single Use Plastic Awareness Day' is over," Lau said.

Ting said publicity materials will be distributed by volunteer teams consisting of 200 people to restaurants and shops in 14 districts in Hong Kong.

He believes more than 1,000 restaurants will learn about the campaign's message.


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