Tam in anti-beijing warning

Local | Phoenix Un 1 Apr 2019

Basic Law Committee vice chairwoman Maria Tam Wai-chu says Hong Kong's role in the Greater Bay Area initiative will see the SAR keep its "one country, two systems" framework after 2047, when it is set to expire.

Tam also warned yesterday that if Hong Kong becomes a base for anti-communism, it will lose its special status and high degree of autonomy.

The Greater Bay Area Outline Development Plan issued in February had assigned Hong Kong as the financial hub and innovation center, but this was interpreted and criticized as Hong Kong losing its autonomy in deciding its own economic development path.

Tam said it would not be one country, one system in the Greater Bay Area, as Hong Kong and the mainland supplement each other within the development plan.

"As long as Hong Kong can perform its role, the one country, two systems may continue after 2047 and will not become 'one country, one system' with Hong Kong being swallowed up," Tam said.

"But if Hong Kong becomes an anti-communist base, any cooperation will be difficult, and it will be difficult to retain the one country, two systems any longer."

Tam said Hong Kong would be in the best position to keep the high degree of autonomy if it continues with its roles in helping mainland enterprises to go global, and introducing foreign investment to the mainland.

She also called on young people to visit the mainland every year to experience the improvements achieved in past years.

Legislator Lam Cheuk-ting of the Democratic Party said Tam's remark that Hong Kong would retain one country, two systems if it played its role well was just "meaningless threats."

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