Justice chief eases fears on rendition

Local | Cindy Wan 27 Feb 2019

Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng Yeuk-wah says the government's proposal to change the rendition law will be in line with justice and rule of law.

When asked if it would see political activists sent back to the mainland, Cheng only replied that the law amendment fixes a loophole in existing laws.

She said that a public consultation by the Security Bureau is ongoing.

The proposal will allow one-off handover of fugitives to regions that Hong Kong has no agreements with, including Taiwan, Macau and the mainland.

This move follows the case of the alleged killing of a Hong Kong teen in Taiwan, in which the suspected murderer fled back to the SAR to avoid arrest.

However, it is possible that Taiwan would not request any transfer of fugitives even if the amendment is approved.

A Taiwanese official said Taipei would not negotiate any deals that come with a potential implication for the one-China principle and urged Hong Kong to deal with the issue carefully.

Taipei will not accept any action that seeks to eliminate Taiwan's sovereignty, according to Huang Ting-hui, an official in charge of Hong Kong affairs in Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council.

Cheng returned yesterday from a one-day trip to Beijing to meet with mainland officials on promoting Hong Kong's arbitration and mediation services in the Greater Bay Area.

According to Cheng, the government hopes to develop a platform for the jurisdictions of Hong Kong, Macau and the mainland to exchange views and understand each other's strengths in laws, in order to raise good suggestions for the enterprises and people in the Greater Bay Area.

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