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Local | Bernard Charnwut Chan 23 May 2018

If you are interested in Hong Kong history there's an ideal website - gwulo.com.

The site was started by Briton David Bellis, who has written and talked about heritage and history for local media.

He started posting items online about Hong Kong's past in 2006, and over the years an increasing number of readers began to contribute old photographs and material about a whole range of subjects about the territory's history.

Today, the site has some 30,000 pages of material in categories such as places and buildings, people, organizations, and diaries and memoirs. It is packed with photographs and other images, maps and even lists of jurors dating back to the 1850s.

New material and information are added all the time thanks to a community of Hong Kong history fans.

As an English-language site, it has materials on past expat life as well as general local subjects.

Some of the early material includes maps you can zoom in on from the early 1850s including land lots auctioned and developed in Central, including Queens Road on the waterfront.

Later material includes expats' wartime and post-war memoirs - many with photographs - and histories of old buildings and districts. You can click on a map and see historic photographs of that location.

So dive in and start browsing through your favorite categories, or use the search function to look for something specific.

Be warned: you might spend a lot of time on this site!

Bernard Charnwut Chan is chairman of The Jockey Club CPS Advisory Committee


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