Easier start in TSA for Primary Three pupils

Local | Sophie Hui 3 May 2018

Primary Three students began their Territory-wide System Assessment yesterday, with 230 schools opting to have all their pupils take part, while others opted for participation by only one tenth of students.

In the first two days of the TSA, students took oral assessments for both languages, as well as audiovisual assessments for Chinese language.

In the Chinese oral exam, students were asked to create a story from pictures, while some students were asked to engage in a group discussion on topics like learning a sport and schools having more recreational facilities.

In the English-speaking assessment, some pupils were asked to read a text of about 35-40 words aloud before answering questions.

Some were asked questions based on pictures on the question paper. Questions were related to daily experiences like dinner, or at a fast-food restaurant.

Ricky Leung Wai-kay, principal of G C C I T K D Cheong Wong Wai Primary School in Tai Wai, said his school chose the sampling approach, and 27 of 107 pupils took the three assessments yesterday.

Leung said the students selected did not find the questions difficult.

"They were fine. I don't think they were nervous about it," he said. "Some said they felt like they were doing homework, and it was quite easy."

Leung also said students were less stressed for this year's TSA, and the school did not need to resort to the drilling culture that has caused controversy.

He added that since fewer students are taking the assessment, it finished earlier than last year.

"From today's experience, the impact on the school's operation and administration was less," he said.

No parents objected to their children taking the TSA this year.

The Education Bureau has announced this year's TSA will only take 10 percent of samples from schools, and will not name students or schools. However, schools can choose to let all their Primary Three students take the assessment, and they can ask for an independent report later.

The written assessments for both languages and mathematics will take place on June 12 and 13.

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