Fakery exposed

Local | Stella Wong 14 Dec 2017

Now you see me, now you don't. A video showing a man disappearing behind an "invisible cloak" has gone viral, more so because it's said to be an invention of the future University of Hong Kong president, Zhang Xiang.

The video was posted on Facebook on December 5 by a netizen claiming it was invented by Zhang.

It was previously uploaded on YouTube on December 3. The video shows a man walking down the garden and holding up a piece of cloth. He then disappears behind the "invisible" cloth, which shows the scenery behind it.The post attracted more than 132,000 views, 1,500 likes and 2,313 shares within a week.

The video was also widely spread on WhatsApp, with the message: "How smart is HKU's next president? Watch the video below and you will know." However, Chinese media CCTV revealed last Thursday that the video was fake. It said the video was made by a post-production software, combining two scenes, one with the background and the other with a man holding a green cloth, and removing the green area.

"Similar technology has been widely used in movies," the CCTV report said.

Another netizen also spotted a gaffe in the video. He said on Facebook: "The leaves moved when the man kicked them but the leaves in the cloth background didn't move."

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