Student nurse knifing of ex-lover recalled

Local | Carain Yeung 20 Sep 2016

A nursing student stabbed her married ex-lover several times over 11 hours when he visited her at her home seven months after they broke up, the District Court heard yesterday.

Kan Woon-tsz, 29, denies four counts of wounding and a count of criminal intimidation. She allegedly stabbed salesman Cheng Pak-yiu, 37, with two 20-centimeter knives on January 12 and 13 this year.

The incident happened when Cheng visited Kan "as a friend" at her Sheung Shui home, the court heard.

Testifying in court yesterday, Cheng said he drove to Kan's home in Tsung Pak Long Tsuen on January 12 after he saw sentimental statements on her Facebook page.

Cheng said his ex-girlfriend was asleep when he got there in the afternoon, and he then helped her to tidy up her place as she seemed to be sick.

He went to her room to check on her after about three hours when she awoke from her sleep.

But as he was leaving, Kan poured unspecified liquid on him, Cheng told the court.

He tried to turn around and this was when Kan took out a 20cm fruit knife and stabbed his back near his waist. He turned around to brush away the knife but Kan took out another knife and stabbed him three times on the left side of the chest near his heart.

Cheng said he tried to stop the defendant but he could not support himself as he was bleeding heavily.

"I begged the defendant to let me go but she didn't listen," Cheng told the court.

"I could just crawl, crawl downstairs and she was by my side watching me."

He said he crawled for about 400 meters all the way from Kan's home to the car park.

Kan then insisted on driving Cheng home after she wounded him. He tried to decline but ended with another stab in chest, this time on the right.

"I didn't have any strength to resist as I was stabbed multiple times," he said."I could only comply and let the defendant drive."

According to Cheng, Kan stopped suddenly when she was driving him to his Tseung Kwan O home and slashed him again on the chest early on January 13.

When the two finally arrived at the car park of Kin Ming Estate at about 6am, Kan sat on his legs and slashed him again.

Kan finally used Cheng's phone to call his parents, who Cheng said "came to his rescue." Cheng, married since 2011, met Kan through social media in January last year and they started dating the following March.

Cheng ended the affair with the student after his wife found out about their relationship three months later.

Kan was charged with wounding Cheng with intent and intimidating his 62-year-old mother.

The hearing continues today.

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