Mom's the word for a retired Lam

Local | Kenneth Lau 4 May 2016

Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor says her first task when she retires next year will be to switch from being the second-in-command of a city of seven million to the mother of two boys.

She is also looking forward to exchanging her office for a kitchen.

The chief secretary's two boys and husband are in England where she will be heading when she steps down in July next year.

"The first thing will be to visit my two sons as they are not in Hong Kong. If they are available, I'll just stay for a while. Maybe a month. I can cook them meals and take care of them," Lam said.

She also wants to learn more things after retirement after finding out that there is much she doesn't know. "If I intend to learn about Chinese culture, I will go to the mainland," she said.

In the second episode of radio series Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining yesterday, Lam admitted she sometimes feels lonely living at the chief secretary's residence on The Peak with nobody to talk to.

Her husband, Lam Siu-por, is a mathematics scholar living in Britain who used to teach at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

In a rare revelation about her love life, Lam said an accident can at times lead to something wonderful.

Recalling her youth, Lam said she chose to continue her studies in Cambridge after working in the government for several years.

"Maybe I was too excited, and too relaxed ... I was involved in an accident riding a bicycle ... I broke a leg and was confined to a hospital for three or four weeks," she said.

Among her visitors was Lam, who became her "puppy love."

What attracted her to her future husband? "He is a simple person and led a simple life," she said.

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