Cathay flier in suicide drama

Local | Yupina Ng 25 Apr 2016

A Nepalese man flying from Seoul to Kathmandu on a Cathay Pacific plane allegedly attempted to kill himself in a toilet as the plane was about to land in Hong Kong.

Flight attendants tried to stop the man from entering the toilet on Saturday evening but he ignored them and rushed in, locking the door.

As the plane was in its final approach, the crew had no option but to leave him in the toilet.

After the aircraft landed, they unlocked the door, only to see the 31-year-old man with blood on his neck and bloodstained shoelaces and mobile case cover.

Sources said that the Nepalese, who was planning to stay over in Hong Kong on his way to Kathmandu, was in an "abnormal mental state."

He was treated at North Lantau Hospital but has since left Hong Kong. It is understood that the airline had arranged for the man to go on to Kathmandu.

A police spokeswoman said they received the report from the cabin crew at 6.36pm on Saturday but that no suicide note was found.

Sources said a man on flight CX411 told the attendants he needed to go to the toilet. But they told him that since the flight was about to land and the fasten-seat-belt sign was on, he should remain in his seat. However, the man allegedly rushed to the toilet and refused to come out despite efforts by the crew.

Passengers said they were already disembarking when the captain was notified. Sources said when the door was opened, the man reportedly tried to flee but was caught by the cabin crew.

A Cathay Pacific spokeswoman declined to comment on the case as police are investigating.

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