Style points go to fundraiser for kids

Central Station | 25 Nov 2021

Usually a status symbol for women, about 200 Hermes handbags and accessories will instead be given new purpose - to help children in poverty.

The ultra-expensive items will be auctioned off in a collaboration among Mind HK, Sir Robert Ho Tung Charity Fund and the handbags department of Christie's Auction House in Hong Kong.

Five of the 197 luxury handbags and accessories are donated by actress-turned-solicitor Mary Jean Reimer, who says 280,000 children live in poverty in Hong Kong.

Reimer hopes the auction raises HK$2 million to help kids falling behind their peers in school and other areas because of their family background.

Some of the children do so much chores while others don't have a desk on which to study or proper lighting at home, she adds.

Bidding for many items start at HK$60,000, but there's one alligator bag, pictured, that cannot sell for under HK$260,000.

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