Hard work pays off, Sarah tells students

Central Station | 28 Oct 2021

Star cyclist and Olympic medalist Sarah Lee Wai-sze has spilled the beans on her secret to success - it lies in persistence and hard work.

The two-time Olympic bronze medalist met about 120 student athletes who took part in the A.S. Watson Group Hong Kong Student Sports Awards at a school in Shek Mun and spoke to award winners.

She encouraged the students, advising: "Whether you are an athlete or a student, as long as you put your mind to it, your hard work will pay off.

"It takes years of dedication and hard work to succeed. I've been cycling for 18 years. Even when I got injured, I never gave up. When I truly enjoy what I'm doing, I never feel tired."

Lee recalled her daily training routine, including how she struck a balance between school and training when she was a secondary school student.

"Sometimes I stayed awake at 3 am until I finished my homework," Lee said.

She shared some tips on winning competitions and how she deals with her injuries as well.

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