Is Halloween's lucky spirit with you?

Central Station | 26 Oct 2021

If you're rolling toward the Mark Six Halloween Snowball draw tonight, when a single winner could bag up to HK$80 million, you could think about playing a numbers game based on previous winning performances.

For starters, 22 has been drawn four times in previous Halloween snowballs followed by 17 and 29, which have each been drawn three times.

There's more in the book of chance: the last five draws held on the same date, October 26, featured numbers that included 8, and in Cantonese that number puns with the meaning of wealth or prosperity.

Also for the record, three first prize winners in the past four Halloween Snowball draws won with multiple entry tickets.

So there are a few thing to wrap your mind around before you pitch in your tickets for the draw being held at 9.30pm, which is being broadcast live on the TVB J2 Channel. Ticket sales will stop at 9.15pm.

As of 2pm yesterday the lottery had racked up a turnover of over HK$60.5 million.

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