Looks that kill a budding relationship

Central Station | 22 Oct 2021

A guy with a flawed complexion - unsightly acne scars - has gone online to share the downer he feels when people change the way they look at him when what's under his mask comes into view.

Speaking for himself, he reckons he impresses as a handsome guy with a mask, which is likely because he has interesting eyes. But if the mask comes off there are looks of disappointment.

Many others posted messages on an online forum to say they too have had similar experiences after he admitted: "I'm too frightened to take off my mask when I meet new friends now" because he doesn't like being kicked in the teeth.

In turn, that's undermined his self-confidence. "I felt more comfortable talking to people when they could see my actual face before masks became pandemic essentials," he said.

Others recounted how they now avoided gatherings to avoid embarrassment if they let their masks slip and all is revealed

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