Riding along on the baize

Central Station | Maisy Mok 22 Oct 2021

Competing clacks of a train running along a track and mahjong tiles has people who saw a game being played inside an MTR carriage on a Facebook video wondering whatever could be coming into the station next.

The video, described as highlights of the 2021 MTR Mahjong Competition, was posted on a Facebook group and soon racked up 50,000 views.

The central characters are men playing mahjong on a green square table set up in a carriage.

One is on the regular bench-style seat while others either stand or kneel on the floor as the train moves along. Their game drew other passengers to film and take photos.

Viewers on Facebook wondered why anyone would be playing mahjong on a train.

One asked: "Are they shooting a movie?"

A MTR Corp spokesman was able to throw a little light on the game, saying it was on Wednesday. Five men boarded a train at Mong Kok, opened a folding mahjong table, played a hand and alighted at Choi Hung.

But he wasn't a fan, calling for passengers not to shun any behavior likely to disturb others. And people causing a nuisance can be fined up to HK$5,000 - a relatively high-stakes game.

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