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Central Station | 21 Oct 2021

The widely mimicked mix of attractive people getting together - or quite the opposite - in pleasant settings is about to play out again in Hong Kong on ViuTV with a version of Too Hot To Handle.

The broadcaster revealed yesterday that it is preparing to start filming the romance-themed reality show and so is recruiting single men and women.

They will be let loose to seek love during a staycation holiday in a beautiful house, and supporting the effort will be outdoor activities to let participants romp close together.

Such reality shows have proved meatily attractive to ViuTV viewers.

Running currently is The Couple's Gambit, featuring married couples trying to resist temptations in the form of temporary boyfriends and girlfriends.

Too Hot To Handle is a reality dating show streaming on Netflix since last year. The idea is to try and form close bonds without intimacy leading to sexual contact.

Failures to hold up and remain chaste mean a loss of prize money.

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