Cabbie with a heart of gold

Central Station | 20 Oct 2021

A ride home after a drinking session ended with a man mistakenly giving a taxi driver HK$500 instead of HK$100. But the story has a happy ending.

The kind-hearted cabbie called him and made a HK$400 bank transfer as change.

Sharing his experience on Facebook, the man said he called the taxi via mobile app last Friday and the ride cost HK$202.

He gave the driver what he thought was two HK $100 notes and a HK$20 note, and asked the driver to keep the change. The man later received calls from the driver telling him that he had paid HK$620 for the ride.

The driver asked for the man's bank account and transferred the extra HK$400 to him. "Sorry for waking you up so early," the driver added.

The man described the driver as "a good person" and said he would donate the money.

Netizens also praised the driver, with one dubbing him a role model.

Another said the man was lucky to have met an honest driver.

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