Storm over '$20' taxi ride

Central Station | 12 Oct 2021

A radio host shared the joy and disappointment of taking a taxi for "$20" when tropical storm Lionrock battered Hong Kong on Saturday.

The host from Commercial Radio, Wong Yuen-kit, who goes by the name "YY Wong," said he hailed a taxi in the downpour to take him to his office on Broadcast Drive.

Wong said the driver was about to refuse him, but changed his mind after seeing him soaked, and said: "Twenty dollars, hop in!"

"I was so touched, and thought the driver was going to charge me $20 only," Wong said.

But he found out the driver was referring to the surcharge under typhoon signal No 8 when he said $20.

On the Facebook post, Wong still thanked the driver for taking him back to the office. He added that the driver tore away the license number when Wong asked him for a receipt to claim the expenses from his company.

Netizens were divided. Some said the driver was kind to impose a mere $20 surcharge, as insurance policies did not cover damage during a No 8 signal. But some argued that overcharging under any circumstances is a breach of law.

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