Light up your life and push along

Central Station | 21 Sep 2021

Leading lights of the Tai O community have decided to keep 2,500 handcrafted lanterns unlit during the Mid-Autumn Festival in the hope of keeping away swarms of day trippers who ruined the seaside ambiance last weekend so that locals can tonight and tomorrow enjoy quality time.

But there are other options for people who don't mind push-and-shove celebrations.

Notably, family groups are welcome along "Lantern Street" in Yuen Long's Tai Kiu Market, where tradespeople who usually turn a buck from selling paper offerings will show delight today as they take your money in exchange for beautifully crafted lanterns designed and made locally.

Lanterns shaped like goldfish, rabbits and musical instruments and some really trendy ones are offered. But traditional red lanterns hang on to some spaces. There's much potential for memorable family pictures, including with a giant rabbit lantern. Or just plunge into the crowd and enjoy.

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