Top billing for five star firemen

Central Station | 20 Sep 2021

Firemen are wired to respond in an instant to an emergency even when the heat's off, as an incident in Kwai Chung has shown in an all-action video.

Five firemen passing by in a Fire Services vehicle piled out its doors and dashed into action when a minivan lacking a driver rolled backward on sloping Lei Muk Road after the man who had been behind the wheel and a woman alighted to unload goods outside a warehouse without applying the handbrake properly. While the firemen could do no more than help the driver wrestle the van to a slowdown and into railings, the team effort could have prevented the runaway hitting someone. And the action made a big impression on the driver of a car parking on Lei Muk Street who captured the drama on his dashcam. "The firemen acted quickly and professionally," he said in a note accompanying the footage on YouTube. "They really did help citizens with all their hearts and are worth praising."

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