Mixed views on runway looks

Central Station | 15 Sep 2021

Uniforms for Greater Bay Airlines, a carrier in the making, went down a pictorial runway for people to check out.

Although the firm is awaiting approval from the Air Transport Licensing Authority, it was chocks away on its website for three sets of turquoise outfits matched with blue bow-tied scarves.

The uniforms attracted much attention. Some people said turquoise was elegant, though others offered spoiler views.

The girl in the one-piece dress looks like a nurse in a clinic, sneered one. Another thought the outfits would suit managers of fast-food joints.

Trying to rise above such clouds, GBA also had photos of attendants training in a classroom. But the down-to-earth critics had more. One asked: "Why are they - almost 20 of them - not wearing masks in a small classroom? This is against gathering restrictions!"

Back on business, company director Stanley Hui Hon-chung said the hope is that GBA's three aircraft can be in business and aloft by year's end.


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