Three children should be enough

Central Station | 22 Jul 2021

Family planning has been a tricky issue since Deng Xiaoping in 1979 shaped China's one-child policy to limit population growth - it was a two-child approach until then - and enforced it with hard action.

That seemed to stop just short of authorities bursting into bedrooms to check on couples, though there were plenty of wrenching experiences if a second child was on the way.

There were exceptions, of course, but for couples there were trying years up to 2015, when Beijing switched to two kids per family with the realization that nations need more kids for more old people.

So this week comes the decision from the party central committee and the State Council to allow three children, and in support of bigger families will be tax breaks, more nurseries and flexible working hours so couples can think beyond themselves and perhaps one child.

In fact, the latest census of 1.41 billion-plus people suggests there are already 10 million more second children.

So bingo, the population will be on the way to being balanced within a few years. Just as long as the one-child rule is finely buried.

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