Shots just too hot to handle

Central Station | 11 Jun 2021

Any moment now someone will realize they'd better pull the plug on a screen inside a vaccination tent in Costa Rica's San Jose City or they'll face a hot scramble.

For it's not information about fighting Covid-19 that's playing to a crowd of people waiting for their shots but girl-on-girl action from an adult video.

People were still trying to process what they were seeing when an unfazed health officer yanked out the power plug to break the connection to a computer belonging to someone who'd hit a button by mistake or mischievous design.

After hearing an apology for the "inconvenience," Anthony Barboza, who'd been queuing in the tent for a jab of protection, said: "They'd been playing public service announcements when it suddenly changed. No harm was done but the officers appeared confused and embarrassed at the same time. Some of the people inside the tent were laughing."

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