Texas neighborhood tiger collared

Central Station | 17 May 2021

A tiger that scared Texans after it wandered in a Houston neighborhood has been found and locked up.

A police commander appeared online sitting next to the tiger at an animal shelter, petting the animal as a woman fed it from a baby bottle.

The search for the nine-month-old male named India started the previous Sunday. It was nearly shot by an off-duty deputy before being whisked away in a car by Victor Cuevas, who police allege is India's owner.

A lawyer for Cuevas - on bail for murder over a 2017 shooting - claimed he had simply been helping search for India, but he was later grabbed and charged with evading arrest for possessing the tiger.

Sheriff's deputy Wes Manion, who lives in the Houston neighborhood where the tiger was first seen, said he interacted with the animal for 10 minutes before Cuevas appeared, grabbed the tiger by the collar, kissed its head and made off with it.

Elliott said Cuevas did nothing illegal as Texas has no statewide law forbidding private ownership of exotic animals.

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