Splash out with toilet bonus

Central Station | 11 May 2021

To pee or not to pee, that's the HK$150 question. An employer has introduced a toilet bonus for those who spend less time peeing during working hours.

A netizen posted on an internet forum, claiming his employer launched a system to discourage workers from slacking inside washrooms.

Staff have to clock in before they enter the washroom and after leaving it. If they spent less than an hour inside the washroom a month, they will get a reward of HK$150.

"I really don't care about it, as it is only HK$150. If you offer me HK$1,500 I would consider going to the toilet less," he wrote. The post went viral as internet users slammed the arrangement as inhumane. Going to the loo is a right which should not be restricted, one said.

"It's a biological need. You have to go when you feel the urge," one wrote.

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