Long wait ends in feast fight

Central Station | 11 May 2021

A restaurant brawl took the shine off a Mother's Day feast for two families as they clashed over who's sitting where.

The tussle happened in a Chinese eatery in Dongguan in the Pearl River Delta and not Tai Po, as originally thought. The incident saw three women aged between 29 and 39 suffer minor injuries.

At 11am, a family was assigned seats at the restaurant after a three-hour wait, a netizen said on Weibo. Soon after, another family occupied their seats - and chaos erupted.

In footage online, a man from the second family splashes water from a cup on a kid from the first family.

The kid's mother then splashes water over the man's face in retaliation.

Later, the man bashes her with a metal kettle, and the man's male relative hits the woman and pulls her hair.

Two staff members from the restaurant intervene and end the brawl.

Dongguan police said the two families later settled their disputes and apologized to each other.

A netizen sarcastically said: "It was such a special Mother's Day."

Another said: "These were the manners taught by your mothers?"

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