Bright days at Maritime Museum

Central Station | 6 May 2021

Beams of light will help cut through gloom when the Hong Kong Maritime Museum offers free admissions to visitors on May 15 and 16 to celebrate International Museum Day. And that opens the way to lighthouse-themed activities inside.

The program "Seeing in the Dark: Stories of Hong Kong Harbour and Lighthouses" illuminates proceedings on May 15, with a program presented with the Lighthouse Heritage Research and Connections Project.

Six documentaries from the series Lighthouse Memories will also be screened at the museum that day, offering true tales about drama and facilities showing the way for seafarers around land and islands at Hong Kong, Macau and Penghu.

An exhibition and discussion panel will feature on May 16. A highlight of the exhibition is a high-resolution image of the oldest dated rock inscription found in Hong Kong. That was part of a navigation aid at Tung Lung Chau dating from 1012.

Apart from free admission visitors can enjoy discounts at the Museum Shop and the museum's rooftop cafe.

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