Sarky singer gets fan boost

Central Station | 23 Apr 2021

Sarcastic remarks made by a singer have shot him to popularity - he saw his follower numbers on social media skyrocket in a week.

Denis Kwok Ka-chun, 31, who goes by the nickname 193, is a member of ViuTV's boy group Error.

His followers on Instagram jumped from about 89,000 to 208,000 in a week after he made comments about competitor TVB.

He sarcastically responded to famous host, actor and now TVB deputy general manager Eric Tsang Chi-wai, 68, who said ViuTV's program ratings are low. In response, Kwok said TVB is old fashioned and for the elderly, adding that no one is watching the channel.

After those comments, Kwok's Instagram followers increased by 20,000 the next day, and gradually rose by 10,000 followers a day in the week, eventually reaching 208,000 yesterday.

The number of Kwok's followers also surpassed singer Keung To, a member of another ViuTV's boy group Mirror, who has gained popularity recently. Keung had about 202,000 followers yesterday.

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