Diplomat's wife in shopping rumble

Central Station | 23 Apr 2021

A diplomat's wife with an eye for fashion has set off a furor in Seoul after blowing her top when staff of clothing store followed her after she left the shop and pointed out she was wearing an item (we don't know what it was) she'd not paid for.

Being accused of thieving, in so many words, Xiang Xueqiu, the wife of Belgian ambassador Peter Lescouhier, slapped at least one staffer across the face, a clip from a security camera shows.

Now police want to talk to Xiang some more, having had a first exchange with her at the scene in the Yongsan district. And now she's the subject of a formal complaint from the store.

But she's not available, the cops say, as she's ensconced in a Seoul hospital.

The video of the incident on April 9 appeared on social media this week, prompting angry responses from Koreans who demand an apology from the Belgian embassy and gripe that foreign diplomats and their families have too many privileges.

Lescouhier is trying to calm matters, however, by saying his wife will not claim diplomatic immunity and will talk with the police.

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