Cop caught sleepy-handed

Central Station | 9 Apr 2021

A police constable who was waken up by a passerby while taking a nap inside a police vehicle demanded the citizen show his ID card.

The dozy constable, who is from the Kowloon East police tactical unit, was caught napping in broad daylight on Hing Yip Street in Kwun Tong by the citizen, who filmed the whole interaction as he knocked on the patrol car's side window, trying to wake the cop up.

As the citizen repeatedly asked if the officer was sleeping on his job, the officer skirted the question and ordered the man present his identity card. "As Hong Kong citizens, it is our duty to remind public servants to do their job, especially after seeing one napping and slacking off at work. That is why I knocked on your car," the man said, adding he will file a complaint over this incident.

Police acknowledged the incident, which is now being investigated.

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