Island visitors shame themselves

Central Station | 8 Apr 2021

What a dirty shame: many scenic spots were left devastated after crowds stormed such places during Easter weekend then left garbage in their wake.

One of the worst scenes was reckoned to be on Tung Lung Island off Shek O, a place among the most popular destinations for picnicking and camping.

Horrified citizens posted photographs online showing how bad the situation was on the island, with all the rubbish bins near the pier full to overflowing and bags of garbage left nearby.

Soft drinks cans, plastic boxes and bottles were scattered all over the place.

Many people voiced anger after seeing the photos, saying how selfish some trippers had shown themselves to be by not taking away their own garbage. Others observed that Hongkongers are themselves the local environment's worst enemies.

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department said over 190 tonnes of refuse were collected in islands and rural areas in the five days ending Tuesday.

About 170 tonnes,six tonnes andfive tonnes of rubbish were collected in Cheung Chau, Tap Mun and Tung Lung Chau respectively, while another 15 tonnes were from other places including Po Toi Island, Sham Chung, Lai Chi Chong, Yim Tin Tsai, Sharp Island and Pak Lap.

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