Radio mogul draws flak over flat sale

Central Station | 7 Apr 2021

A "civil war" within pro-democracy camp supporters emerged as Simon Lau Sai-leung faced a backlash after his wealth drew attention.

Lau recently sold a Summit Court flat on Tin Hau Temple Road in North Point for HK$43.8 million, earning a book value of HK$31.5 million. He drew fire from localist supporters, who questioned why Lau still called on his audience to donate and subscribe to his online radio station when he is already in possession of so much cash.

Netizens said he made a lot of money due to the political atmosphere in the past two years. Some even called for people to stop donating money to him, to which Lau's supporters responded that they were just jealous of his wealth. Without naming any names, Chapman To Man-chak, whom Lau previously accused of being a "mole" of the government, said he did not think the sale of a property was the crux of the matter but, rather, what he had done in the past.

Chip Tsao, also known by his pen name To Kit, said Hong Kong society was still "traumatized" by the social unrest. As a result, this incident might have saddened many people and Lau owed his supporters an explanation.

Lau, a veteran media professional, was a member of the Democratic Party before working as a consultant for the Central Policy Unit from 2006 until 2012, providing advice to then-chief executive.

He later founded Home News, which later turned into Stand News, and also an online radio station, "Kowloon Shingjai."

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