Cats and dogs will soon be totally chill

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 31 Mar 2021

Woof-woof! Cannabidiol products for cats and dogs are spreading through Hong Kong malls - and they're completely legal.

Humans are also free to use the stuff, known as CBD, the Hong Kong government clarified this week in an announcement that will surprise many.

This extract of cannabis calms you without the infamous paranoid hallucinations.

But many stockists are small shops that look a bit dodgy - they tend to have marijuana-themed designs and are found in low-rent malls. A saleswoman this week told me that they were nervous about importing stuff.

However, the government statement released this week was clear: "CBD is not a dangerous drug and is not controlled under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance."

You can even get CBD in a cigarette-like form to smoke at HK$80 a stick, but my dog is a strict non-smoker, although I guess she might consider a cigar after dinner.

* * *

I like the capitalized emphasis on the pictured poster at the free testing covid testing site in Central - "Free-of-charge testing For all people. ALL PEOPLE."

* * *

Hong Kong Post said that from today at 8am it will accept online orders for UK-designed Sherlock Holmes stamps. But their announcement missed a key point. I recall the designers saying that each stamp had a hidden message that can only be seen if you shine an ultraviolet lamp on them. Don't call the security police, it's nothing political - just clues from Sherlock Holmes stories.

* * *

A mysterious group called the Hong Kong Cultural Association gave its name to a rally in organized by East Turkistan Australian Association yesterday. The protest outside the Chinese consulate in Adelaide was announced as a "blockade." But readers shared live video from the event, showing a small turnout of people shouting "China is terrorist". A quick look at United Nations files shows that it is the fighters for East Turkistan independence who are classified, with plenty of evidence, as terrorists.

* * *

Hong Kong officials giving out welfare cash will turn a blind eye to any amount of savings in the form of insurance assets from tomorrow, the Hong Kong government said this week. A blind eye policy lasting six months is designed to encourage people who have lost jobs to claim free welfare money, even if they have some assets. Tycoons, go back to sleep. This is not for you.

* * *

A buyer spent HK$160 million purchasing a pair of adjacent Mid-Levels flats to turn into a single mega-apartment, I heard from readers living nearby. The 56-year-old flats at Monte Villa Rosa are 2,000 to 3,000 sq ft, so the resulting double apartment will be more than 5,000 sq ft. By Hong Kong standards, that's not a flat, but a small town.

* * *

Why are home prices rising but rents falling? Two years of trouble have harmed the poor in Hong Kong. But the middle classes and rich have found themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars richer, with a whole year of no hotel or travel costs - and are abandoning the rental market to pile into the owners' market.

* * *

The US Academy Awards won't be broadcast in Hong Kong. Well, that's a loss. I was looking forward to three and a half hours of smug multimillionaires handing chunks of gold to other smug multimillionaires. [Waves tiny sarcasm flag.]

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