Canadian politicians all lose their voices

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 8 Mar 2021

Daniel Dumbrill, the Shenzhen brewer who now has more than 100,000 subscribers for his podcast on Hong Kong and mainland China affairs, contacted 80 parliamentarians from Canada to talk about their country's controversial decision to label China's de-radicalization program "genocide."

Every single one said no.

"I was planning on having a respectful discussion, as I think many believe they're doing the right thing, but all refused or backed out," said Daniel, a Canadian.

* * *

In related news, several people expressed puzzlement over the existence of a genocide in which there is not one single verified report of anyone being killed, but lots of confirmed reports about compulsory language classes.

Football star Yaya Toure asked: "Teaching English to Chinese pupils is not a genocide, [but] teaching mandarin in Xinjiang is a genocide?"

* * *

Leaked documents show that the BBC and Reuters, probably the two most powerful forces in global news, signed a secret deal to receive a large amount of cash from the UK government to create a narrative that counters Russia's own narrative about itself.

The deal was revealed by the Grayzone investigative news agency.

Now people are wondering if the same two organizations received cash to create a negative narrative about Hong Kong and mainland China.

It would explain a lot.

* * *

Reader Maria Chan sent this picture from a UK supermarket, urging people to "use tongues to pick pastries". Eww, no thanks.

* * *

The Hong Kong civil service's main language is jargon. A government announcement at the weekend was headlined: "Department of Health received report of suspected serious adverse event following Covid-19 vaccination." What actually happened was that someone died. I guess, technically speaking, death is a pretty serious adverse event.

* * *

Groups like UK-based Hong Kong Watch paint Hongkongers moving to London as "refugees" fleeing a destroyed city with little more than the clothes on their backs.

This doesn't quite gel with the report from Hamptons, a property firm, that the number of Hong Kong people who have arrived in London to buy pricey homes has quadrupled. Apparently the "refugees" favor luxury residences in Kensington and Chelsea.

* * *

There are some poor Hongkongers in the UK, though - the radicalized young ones who went to London after falling out with their families. The UK said on Thursday that it would give welfare cash to newly arrived Hong Kong people who are underpaid and find London too expensive. Where do I book my ticket?

* * *

Reader Mabel Heng was delighted to see a US reporter calling for readers to look past the buzzwords and learn the truth about Hong Kong. Xiaohan Sun, writing in the Morningside Post, said: "I wish the mainstream media would faithfully tell people more about what actually happened instead of creating a getting-more-eyeballs narrative, always catering to human rights, democracy, freedom, and all those 'buzzwords', while leaving journalism ethics behind."

Mabel asked: "How come the editors allowed her to tell the truth?"

Because the Morningside Post is a student publication of Columbia University.

Once journalists leave college and join the mainstream, they have to peddle the narrative.

* * *

Somewhere in Hong Kong, I'm quite sure, there's a kid named Einstein who has to deal with the fact that everything said to him sounds sarcastic. "Going back to school, Einstein?" "Finished your homework, Einstein?"

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