Maybe we're not superior, just skinnier

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 5 Mar 2021

Put down that fried dough stick! There’s a shocking correlation between obesity and Covid deaths, the World Health Organization said yesterday.

So called “fat countries” in which 50 percent of people are overweight account for almost nine in 10 deaths from the virus worldwide.

The US and the UK are well over the 50 percent “heavy folk” mark, but Hong Kong has been creeping up towards that number.

Maybe we’re not that superior to the Americans and the Brits after all.

Maybe we’re just skinnier. For now.

* * *

Fortunately, lots of Hong Kong people, deprived of overseas holidays, have got into hill-walking habits during the past year.

With great timing, our fi nancial supremo Paul Chan Mo-po said yesterday civil servants will be spending a chunk of a HK$500 million pot of cash to provide “glamping adventures” in our country parks. [Glamping is “glamorous camping”.]

I once saw a pet owner with six dogs in the country park at Braemar Hill, and she had six domestic helpers with her, one to carry each dog.

The helpers got the exercise.

* * *

All the dismay about the CIA stirring up trouble in Hong Kong was in the mind of our sharpeyed reader known as the Colonel when he spotted a car with a registration plate saying “CIA” in Happy Valley. It’s a sign!

* * *

A 39-year-old man was ordered to quarantine himself at home for 14 days, but was found trying to leave Hong Kong at the bridge to Macau and Zhuhai. On Wednesday, he received his punishment: prison … for 14 days. Hmm. Oh well, they say the punishment should fi t the crime.

* * *

The problem over the big empty waterfront space opposite the Eastern Harbour Tunnel opening in Quarry Bay was solved this week.

The owner tried to put up an industrial building in 2017 but the public rightly complained that it was a waste of a lovely spot with a prime harbor view.

Civil servants this week signed a deal with the owner to build a mixeduse complex with harborside leisure facilities for the public.

The new seafront will blend into a waterside “boardwalk” running all along the north of Hong Kong Island.

We’re becoming California. Just need girls on roller skates.

* * *

The Heritage Foundation has been one of the few US think tanks that has consistently portrayed Hong Kong as it really is, putting it on top of its “freest economy” chart for decades. But that doesn’t fi t America’s utterly fake “Hong Kong has been destroyed” narrative, so now our home has now been removed entirely from the Index.

Sadly, it’s our destiny to be used as a political football.

* * *

A siege is “domestic terrorism … criminal behavior, pure and simple” the US establishment said this week in discussions at the Senate in Washington.

A reader noted that the exact same US establishment described the sieges at the police headquarters building and the Legislative Council building in Hong Kong in 2019 as “protests.”

In both cases, the international media played the same trick.

* * *

Businessman Shaun Rein was reading about cross-border loans this week and noticed something.

“When China gives loans, US media calls it ‘insidious debt trap diplomacy’,” he said.

“When Japan gives loans, US media calls it ‘low interest loans.’

“When the US gives loans, US media calls it ‘building democracy’.”

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