Feather plucker nabbed

Central Station | 4 Mar 2021

What might be the fate of a pigeon that lacked feathers?

That was what some witnesses thought could be the question that nagged at an 83-year-old man after he was spotted plucking feathers methodically from what appeared to be a wild pigeon he had grabbed in Wong Tai Sin.

But no doubt he was arrested for cruelty to animals after an online video showed him holding a pigeon in one hand and plucking its feathers with the other went viral online.

The senior was seen repeatedly throwing feathers to the ground in a garden beside him as the pigeon, locked in a tight grip, kept trying to flap its increasingly bare wings.

Yet it failed to get loose in the ugly struggle at around 6pm on Tuesday at Chuk Yuen South Estate.

A crowd confronted the old man as they witnessed the abuse, and police officers arrived and cordoned off the area as they investigated.

The evidence was scattered around the garden in the form of feathers.

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