Too-polite Lee gives a hint but no name

Central Station | Nury Vittachi 3 Mar 2021

Hong Kong's security chief John Lee had a dig at US political interference during a speech to the United Nations Human Rights Council on Monday.

"A foreign organization admitted at the hearing of a congressional committee of its country that funds were deployed to assist Hong Kong rioters," he said, without naming which nation.

Lee is way too nice.

In September last year, the US Congress's House Foreign Affairs Committee discussed the secret funds they blatantly sent to help violent Hong Kong radicals escape justice.

The funniest revelation from that discussion was that it was Trump's staff who tried to slash the aid-the-radicals budget - in spite of all the love The Donald was getting from Hong Kong's anti-China crew!

* * *

In related news, residents of Bangkok were surprised to see the black bauhinia flag of the Hong Kong protests carried prominently during a protest that turned violent in their city at the weekend.

How come? The US uses the same operation to finance anti-government groups in Hong Kong, Thailand and Myanmar, explained Brian Bertelic, a well-informed political commentator in that country.

As communities become friendly with China, civil unrest erupts.

* * *

Hong Kong agitators' favorite website, LIHKG, is now offering models of its pig logo, I heard from reader Raam Beart. One comes with a black flag, while another has a knife.

* * *

A ferociously anti-China student union group at Chinese University, now disbanded, claimed to have "received 99 percent approval in an election."

Impressive? Well, it would be, except the claim omitted the fact that the voters only had one party to "choose" from.

Sounds like a Beijing-style "election", no?

* * *

Reader SK Boz notes that Mike Pompeo, the former CIA director who financed so much American foreign influence in Hong Kong politics, is back in the news this week. "We must oppose foreign influence in American politics," Pompeo said, with a straight face.

* * *

A pair of black swans was spotted on the waterfront in Yau Ma Tei earlier this week. Visitors from Australia? Could be, but they more likely come from a small flock imported to Shenzhen in 2018. Black swans are sometimes seen as portents of momentous changes. Stand by!

* * *

Viewers were stunned when White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on CNN that America NEVER sanctioned foreign leaders. I wonder what Hong Kong supremo Carrie Lam, who has been repeatedly sanctioned by America, feels about that? The US sanctioned Myanmar's new leaders just two weeks ago.

* * *

The BBC reported this week: "Asians around the world are reacting with 'happy tears' as Chloe Zhao made history at the Golden Globe Awards."

The BBC never reports: "White people around the world are crying 'happy tears' as a white person did something." Strange that. Asians are homogenous, white folk are not.

* * *

Hongkongers had a good laugh when Andrew Yang, the Asian-American businessman hoping to be the first ethnic Chinese US president, said that he loved Lunar New Year traditions such as "eating mooncakes." His US audience didn't spot the error, but of course mooncakes are eaten during the mid-autumn festival, never at new year.

* * *

Which vaccine? I'm going to put a blob of each into a petri dish and let them fight it out. The winner gets injected into me.

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