Student thinks she has magical idea

Central Station | 2 Mar 2021

A 20-year-old university student believes there's a paying business in filling in for busy parents and offering a childcare service.

Nothing new there, you say.

True, but her angle is taking kids on a seven hour outing to Disneyland, which she offers for HK$750 per child.

And you'd imagine - or hope - she can smile throughout and be a bundle of fun.

The girl has gone on Facebook to say she's a university student who doubles as a tutor. She describes herself as "patient" and "kind" and says she loves playing with kids.

And she holds a platinum Disney annual pass, meaning unlimited visits.

Her charges are HK$600 for playing with the kids in Disneyland, HK$100 for eating with them, and HK$150 is good for the grub and travel to and from Disnleyland. And parents can call their kids as a day rolls along. The post attracted many parents to ask for details, though skeptics were well represented as well. One asked: "Would you be able to take responsibility when accidents happen? Taking care of a kid is not as easy as you expect."

We're assuming the budding care entrepreneur is now calling parents to try to convince them their kids will be fine with her.

Disneyland reopened last month after social distancing measures came off.

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