No legacy dispute, says late actor's friend

Central Station | 2 Mar 2021

The late actor Ng Man-tat did not leave a legacy dispute in his wake, close friend Tenky Tin Kai-man said.

The veteran actor passed away on Saturday aged 70 in Union Hospital after a fight with liver cancer.

Tin yesterday dismissed a rumor that Ng's five children are in the midst of a legacy dispute, saying Ng had made a will in 2014 after he was diagnosed with heart failure.

He also said Ng, who was married three times, had no financial problems and that the news report that Ng had left a legacy of HK$10 million was incorrect.

Tin said Ng's family, including his mother who is over 90 years old, was very upset following Ng's death.

"His family did not want to hold a memorial service initially, but they later agreed to have one, and I will be arranging it," Tin said.

The late actor, who started his career aged 22 in 1973, was known for his roles in movies with comedian Stephen Chow Sing-chi, including The Final Combat, The Justice of Life" and Shaolin Soccer.

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